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Chives, chopped

Chives, chopped

The product is obtained by cleaning and chopping dried chives. The drying process takes place without the use of chemicals. Chives are dried in the horizontal belt driers and then cut into the size of 3-4 mm. At your request, we are able to offer any fraction size.

Chives is used in the food industry. It is a popular ingredient in European cuisine because of the nice, delicate flavor. It is an important ingredient of some seasoning (eg. Remoulade) and herbal sets (eg. Fines herbs), which are commonly used in French cuisine.

  • Chives
Physical characteristics
  • Taste – pungent
  • Color – green
  • Aroma – distinctive, pungent
  • Form – chopped product
  • Poland
Packaging and best before use
  • Packaging – 8 kg bags, 7 kg carton
  • Best before date – 2 years following production date on the packaging
  • Storage conditions – dry, dark, cool warehouses (temp +10- -15 °C), 75% relative humidity
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