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Horseradish, ground

Horseradish, ground

The product is obtained by cutting and grinding fully purified, selected fresh horseradish, and then drying it with hot air (temp. 60 ° C). Dried horseradish is then grinded in order to obtain the proper powder forms of the product.

Horseradish powder is widely used in the food industry, mainly as spice and also as an addition to all kinds of pickled products.

  • Fresh horseradish
Physical characteristics
  • Taste – hot, pungent
  • Color – white to yellow
  • Aroma – distinctive
  • Form – powder
  • Poland
Packaging and best before use
  • Packaging – 25 kg bags
  • Best before date – 2 years following production date on the packaging
  • Storage conditions – dry, dark, cool warehouses (temp +10- -15 °C), max 60 % relative humidity
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