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Tarragon, rubbed

Artemisia dracunculus

Tarragon, rubbed

The product is made out of carefully selected, cleaned leaves of tarragon. Chopped tarragon is then sifted so that its faction would meets the criteria set in the customer's specification.

Tarragon is a culinary herb which is popular spice mixtures, it is also used in the pharmaceutical industry as a component of brews and in the cosmetic industry e.g. in perfume and soap manufacture

  • Dried tarragon
Physical characteristics
  • Taste – licorice or anise
  • Color – dark green
  • Aroma –sweet
  • Form –dry, rubbed weed
  • Poland
Packaging and best before use
  • Packaging – 15 kg bags
  • Best before date –2 years following production date on the packaging
  • Storage conditions – dry, dark, cool warehouses (temp +10- -15 °C), max 60 % relative humidity
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