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Tomato, ground

Tomato, ground

The product is made from highest quality tomatoes.

Fresh tomatoes are washed several times and are this way cleaned from soil and other impurities, and then softened with steam. After softening the product is peeled from the skin, blanched and dried with hot air temperature. In the last stage of the drying tomatoes are grinded ​​to a fraction of the specified client.

The product is used mainly in gastronomy, baking, meat and fish processing.

  • Dried tomatoes
Physical characteristics
  • Taste – pungent
  • Color – red
  • Aroma – characteristic, distinctive
  • Form – powder
  • Poland
Packaging and best before use
  • Packaging – 25 kg bags
  • Best before date – 2 years following production date on the packaging
  • Storage conditions – dry, dark, cool warehouses (temp +10- -15 °C), max 60 % relative humidity
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