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Lick salt

Lick salt LISAL

Product no: LSL_100

Lick salt LISAL

Salt licks are obtained from ground rock salt in the process of ironing. They do not contain allergens and GMO foods.

They are intended for direct consumption as feed material for cattle, horses, goats, sheep and deer.

Chemical composition
  • NaCl - 95% min
  • H2O - 0,5% max
  • Water-insoluble substances– 3% max
Physical properties
  • Flavor - salty
  • Color/form - white/pink/gray cubes
  • No strange odor
  • No foregin impurities
Packaging/best before use
  • Packaging - 10 kg cubes
  • Best before date - 2 years following production date on the packaging or the collection from the producer
  • Storage - dry warehouses, max 75 % relative humidity
Lick salt is produced due to following norms:
  • PN-C-84081-1-K-L
  • PN-EN ISO 9001:2009
  • PN-EN ISO 22000:2006
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